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They bonded together again when he thought he had lost both of his parents, only to discover that he was really a Spaulding.

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She disguised herself as a woman named Ruth and went to work for Phillip.She and Phillip Spaulding gradually fell in love, despite the reappearance of his mentally unstable ex-wife Beth, and they eloped to New York.Her daughter Susan returned to town and tried to get Harley into a relationship with her adoptive father Jim Lemay while Phillip had an encounter with Beth when they were lost in the mountains. This would end that marriage and leave her open to Gus when he came to town.Now free, Gus proposed but the engagement was strained when she believed Alan's stories that Philip was still alive and set out to find him.When this went nowhere, she concentrated on her marriage, but when Gus was set to become the reluctant CEO of Spaulding, she took his place.

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    plant); Connellsville, Pennsylvania (former Capstan Glass Company which closed down on November 5 , 2004- thanks to info provided by Tamara Garza) ; Jacksonville, Florida; San Leandro, California; Los Angeles, CA; Waukegan, Illinois and Houston, Texas.

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    Perhaps "support" should be written broadly as "any payment for the support of a child, including college expenses, medical costs and insurance premiums." Although a North Carolina judge cannot order a party to pay child support for a child in college, a separation agreement can create promises for college expenses which will become a binding, enforceable contract. Consider putting a ceiling or "cap" on the college expenses, such as by specifying that the maximum shall be "the then-prevailing rate for in-state tuition at N. State University" or some other nearby public institution.