Bipolar disorder dating man

The Tesla founder opened up in candid replies to questions from other Twitter users about his mental state, sharing some of the turmoil he experiences every day.'The reality is great highs, terrible lows and unrelenting stress.

Don't think people want to hear about the last two,' he wrote in one tweet.

A UK study by management consultants Grant Thornton, estimated the main causes of divorce in 2004, based on data from divorce lawyers: 1. We don’t yet know how much of this due to the real time challenges of coping with manic and depressive episodes, and what proportion may be attributable to the poor relationship skills that come from growing up in a bipolar family.

Problems also arise from other social, interpersonal, and general functional impairments suffered by people with bipolar.

Evidence shows that spousal knowledge and understanding strongly contributes to a more successful, positive, happy relationship.

As well as stabilizing the bipolar patient, the spouse is educated about the disorder.

Approximately 40% of American marriages end in divorce.

This figure varies by age of couple, whether or not it is a first marriage, and whether or not there are children.

For example, the financial difficulties that arise from unemployment and the “downward drift” that characterizes even the brightest and best educated bipolar patients.

Another issue is what is known as assortative mating.

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