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The Schreiber family has taken great pride and attention to detail in bringing the Laue House back to its original grandeur.

Alma, an historic Wisconsin river town, is home to Mississippi River history and contains many historic buildings.

Jan was be presented with the first The Laue House was built in 1879.

Janis and Gerald Schreiber have owned the home since 1976 and were preserving, restoring and improving the property even before many had ever given thought to such an endeavor Their building was one of the first three buildings in Alma to be listed and accepted on the National Register of Historic Places in May of 1979.

If you have a quilt to exhibit at the Quilt Show, please contact Janine Ruff at 608-685-4835.

Volunteers are also needed to help set up the quilt racks and take them down.

SELZ shoes were manufactured from 1871 through the 1920s, first in Chicago and then in other factories around Illinois.

The Alma Historical Society is compiling information on the 350 men who served from Alma and other communities and townships of Buffalo County.

Over 250 online house plans and home addition ideas, including many luxury home plans.

More than twenty collections of panelized and post and beam homes to choose from.

Plans and logistics for the canoe's long-term conservation and public display have not been finalized, she said.

This is the 31st anniversary of the Historical Society's annual quilt show that is hosted by best reviews hunt and their reviews.

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