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What’s a date when you have almost no natural independence or autonomy?For my daughter and her friends it’s running around in a group at the local bouncy house.My LOL is one such online dating site that is marketed as “Google’s Number One Dating Site for Teens”, with a minimum age requirement of 14, whilst another is Teenspot, which offers chat rooms for its members entitled “singles”, “flirting” and “hottub”.Another one that is used perhaps more commonly amongst Australian teenagers is Tinder.When she comes home and tells me a boy jumped on her, I’m fairly certain she means that literally. Now, certainly the time is coming when a date is going to start looking more date-like.

Children these days don’t have an online and offline world.

From time travel to supernatural love notes, believe me when I say no one does yuletide romance better than Lifetime. ” said Arturo Interian, Lifetime’s VP of Original Movies. As a sucker for all things Christmas, it’s brings me great joy to count down Lifetime’s 12 best romantic Christmas movies with Interian and discuss why these tales take the Scrooge out of all of us. According to Interian, “Undercover Christmas” is one of Lifetime’s most popular Christmas movies, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s cold outside, and who doesn’t love to curl under a blanket with a good Christmas movie?

If you’re a fan of “Little Women,” then you’ll love “The March Sisters at Christmas.” A retelling of the Louisa May Alcott classic novel, this movie follows the story of four sisters who work to repair the family home so their parents don’t have to sell it, all while balancing conflict, romance and even power tools. There are two life lessons I took away from this movie: Having grown up in a state where it can hit 80 degrees on Christmas day, I can totally respect the setting of “Christmas on the Bayou.” What I also can respect is how great this movie is for families.

When marketing exec Katherine, played by Hilarie Burton (TRL, anyone?

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