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This is okay as the couple is just starting to learn each other, each other’s bodies, and each other’s desires. Don’t believe the Hollywood lie that your first time has to be magical. Those last few weeks before the wedding can be some of the most tempting times because you will begin to feel married as you make countless decisions together.

It’s during those times you will want to beef up your accountability and take extra precautions.

Such shame and guilt can make the vicious cycle repeat; so, for the sake of your purity, we recommend only studying the topic of sex in the light of day . To study the logistics and mechanics of the sexual relationship (i.e., what physiologically happens from beginning to end of a sexual encounter), consult Christian books written to help singles prepare for marriage with textbook type drawings which portray the act of sex in a non-erotic way. And then, take the book with you on your honeymoon. Sex is an activity which takes practice to achieve more skill. It is important to discuss together who you will go to for counsel regarding this sensitive topic should issues arise; and, if those issues do arise, seek out a Christian professional who treats the topic biblically and with gentleness. If she’s nervous and wants to reveal herself much more slowly, some couples start by the woman getting into a bubble bath before the man comes in and joins her. It is much better than rushing it and feeling frustrated and let down. This is the first of many sexual experiences and you’ll want her to associate sex with positive feelings! Don’t discuss sex in detail with your sweetie until about one month before the wedding.

I appreciate them joining us today to answer “How much should you learn about sex before the wedding night? A friend of mine was once in a literature class and the teacher walked to the chalkboard on the first day of class and wrote a crude name for sex. He knew that talking about sex, especially in a taboo way, would get his class’s attention! ” or “Think about sex a lot and prepare for it, but don’t do it!

Preparing for an Upcoming Sexual Relationship in Marriage Here are a few guidelines I recommend in mentally preparing for your upcoming sexual marriage relationship: 1. When you actively think about sex, do so prayerfully. Ask Him to keep your mind pure and to help you flee from sexual temptation and youthful lusts.

Thinking about sex with no boundaries is a sure recipe for failure.

Both parents graduated from Mc Gill University in Montreal.

Eric was close to his father and spoke fondly of how he accompanied his father, a physician, on medical rounds.

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