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People are not only becoming more vocal about their porn interest on social media, but the porn that's being created and shared is much softer, more erotic and, yes, more romantic than your typical porn fare. Typical 20-something couples, who are ready to put their personal lives on display. Judging by the numbers, conventional search terms like "MILF," "gangbang" and "creampie" rank among the most searched for terms on Pornhub by millennials, according to an But that might not be what all 20-somethings actually want in the bedroom — or from their porn, for that matter.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, for instance, found that the most popular sexual fantasies of both men and women focused on feeling a strong romantic attachment during sex and oral sex with a partner, threaten the privacy of many couples, on Tumblr, personal shots are voluntarily submitted.

The GIFs and photos are catalogued by tagged sexual predilections, featuring different body types, backgrounds, ages, interests and orientations.

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"Couples will come and have sex on camera and it is always interesting and hot to see how other couples are doing it," Sid*, 26, who runs a sexy Tumblr with his long-term girlfriend, told Unlike other porn sites, which typically organize videos according to genre, Tumblr offers a rapidly changing buffet of sexy content.

And while tube sites typically segregate gay porn and straight porn, Tumblr makes no such distinction."You can find the full range of ...

kinks on Tumblr, in very tasteful ways," Alex*, 28, a Tumblr porn fan, told "It is absolutely where most learn about it in the best, most educated way, as well as develop and explore their taste.""It crosses over gender and sexuality lines," Elle Chase, a sex educator who runs the popular Tumblr porn site For many brave couples intrigued by the reblogs of cunnilingus, anal sex and spanking GIFs, many have taken content creation into their own hands."Someone on Reddit suggested it," C. "Of the free-range porn communities [like Tumblr and Reddit] ... think that we live in a sexually repressed era, and their special hybrid of and completely smutty posts is what sets them apart from a typical tube site.

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