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I’ve been using dildos on my pussy and ass for years and liked it hard.So the moment they asked to meet up I jumped on the chance. I showered and shave and put on a cute dress and then I anxiously waited until the time they said they would pick me up at my dorm since I do not have a car on campus.

“Mica and I really want to get to know you, and so far you seem like such a wonderful girl.” Lisa hand got closer and closer to my crotch as she spoke until she was barley brushing it.

The anticipation and waiting made me gasp a little once she did touch me which made Lisa pause for a moment. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I quickly told her “Oh it okay, I’m fine… But it feels good.” Looking relieved Lisa began slowly rubbing my clit through my underwear again, this time with a little more pressure.

By then I was so excited that my clit wasn’t hard to find.

I put a few ads up looking for a man or woman down for some fun with a BBW and soon got some replies.

I weeded out the sketchy people, and the people that were into things that I’m not really for (BDSM, watersports, etc), and that’s when I came along a nice couple.

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