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My chubby instantaneously changed to a full hard on leaking pre-cum. First their boobs were in my face, then, spinning around, butts grazed my face, and finally pussies were shoved almost into my mouth.By this time, I was simply fascinated by the various body parts presented to my face, not caring who was who.No morality laws here, Tracey fed me her still covered tits while grinding her pussy against my rock hard cock. " The woman standing in the doorway was an extreme shock to me.Making way for my daughter, Tracey climbed off my lap. I knew her to have just turned 60 earlier in the year. I absolutely knew she wasn't going to get us out of this hot water.Taking turns, they danced towards me, one at a time, shaking their breasts in my face.

The tunes started again with a click of the remote.

I sat quietly awaiting Kim to start the conversation. Upon entering, I saw that my daughter and friend had changed clothes.

They were both wearing bikinis that I recognized as my daughter's. The tops were small triangles hiding only a little more than their nipples.

My grandmother stared at my daughter for a moment as the position she was in served to highlight her pussy rather than conceal it.

"You young girls have some very sexy moves on the dance floor these days. Finally, I thought while breathing a sigh of relief, we had been diverted from the original topic of discussion.

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