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Some would say that this is just karmic justice, but I take no joy in that since the Muslim who ended up on the receiving end of the Empire’s policies were overwhelmingly innocent victims and not those politicians who allied themselves with modern Crusaders and Jews against their Orthodox neighbors.

Nowadays the (fictional) “genocide” of Bosnian-Muslims by Serb and, especially, the myth of Srebrenica is still used by the Empire to try to divide Orthodox Christians and Muslim to better rule over them all or, even better, to let them fight each other.

And when finally international law was overtly and viciously violated when the “western democracies” used their airpower to support the terrorists and thugs of the KLA, not a single lawyer or politician had the brains to realize that what died the day the first bomb fell on Serbia was the entire international order created after WWII.

It is hard for me to image a more shameful and disgusting behavior of all the European countries who not only did not defend one of their own, but even enthusiastically assisted the Anglo Zionists in their vicious and disgraceful war on the Serbian people.

That tells us all we need know about the current colonial status of Serbia and about the nature of the regime in power in Belgrade.

For the Anglo Zionist Empire, this is all about humiliating the nation which dared to defy it.

But what is never mentioned is that in Kosovo no referendum of any kind ever took place, not even after the full ethnic cleansing of Kosovo (the biggest liar of them all, Obama, even stated that Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum! [Sidebar: I realize that in the paragraphs above I used words which are not normally used in political analyses.

Betrayal because Yugoslavia was founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement but yet all the putatively non-aligned fully aligned themselves to the Empire and against Yugoslavia.Likewise, the war in Bosnia was largely misunderstood when it happened and now it is almost forgotten.Yet I would argue that this war played an absolutely crucial role in shaping the following decades.Well, I *proudly* proclaim my totally non-neutral position on this absolutely disgusting and immoral war against the Serbian nation.How can we hope to ever make a change in the disgusting world we live in if we don’t use moral categories and if we refuse to show outrage when outrage is warranted?

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