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Born in Venice in 1725 and dismissed as a sickly imbecile during the first eight years of his life, he defied his parents' lack of expectation in him and rose to become the intellectual equal of any man of his age.

Casanova would not see her again for more than a year and would never again share her home.But, as I discovered while researching my new book about him and the women he loved, Casanova was far from being the coldhearted exploiter of women depicted by legend.Vulnerability Though there were many victims among the 200-plus women he seduced, there were plenty of others who preyed on his generosity, his kindness - and his considerable vulnerability.Abandoned Being abandoned by her left him with emotional scars that would never heal.Hidden beneath his veneer of proud self-confidence was always a vulnerable child eager for approval and love.

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    Earlier this summer, Ashley, Dylan and Cole Sprouse hung out together, but we'd love to see more of the cast reuniting.

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    She hates being the head of the house, would rather blast the radio loud, let B. But, this fragile gangster with a chipped front tooth and ears that seemed bigger than his head never got the chance to mature into a In a photograph of him at age four, that his mother sleeps with under her pillow, he has vanilla ice cream and snot smeared from chin to forehead while walking gently with a load in the seat of his pants.

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