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Professors and students alike had praised his work managing the microscope lab.His suit alleged he was excluded from a secret meetings of the microscopy committee.“If you kick out chance by showing incredible design, the structure of evolution starts to totter and it may crash.Because you cannot have design in a world that doesn’t have a Designer.“The other pillar is time because you cannot get a man from a frog unless the princess kissed the frog. So in science you have to have deep time to get evolution.” Subsequent to the controversy, Armitage has been on additional digs and found more soft tissue but is finding it difficult to get published.An institute of technology (also: university of technology, polytechnic university, technikon, and technical university) is a type of university which specializes in engineering, technology, applied science, and sometimes natural sciences.Alan Reinach, Armitage’s attorney, hailed the settlement as precedent-setting.

Then, two weeks after publishing his findings, he was fired.He engaged students in his lab with Socratic dialogue over the issue of the earth’s age based on his and others’ research, he said.In May 2012, Armitage went on a dinosaur dig at the famous fossil site of Hell Creek in Montana, where he unearthed the largest triceratops horn ever found there.The case of Armitage is the latest to show the mounting hostility Christians face in academics and other public arenas.“Soft tissue in dinosaur bones destroys ‘deep time.’ Dinosaur bones cannot be old if they’re full of soft tissue,” Armitage said in a You Tube video. If you don’t have deep time, you don’t have evolution.

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