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It is a real restaurant located in Union Square in Manhattan.

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And Samantha meets her match in handsome hotel magnate Richard Wright.

Oh, and don’t forget the major fashion inspo you will get. If you try and binge-watch this show too fast, you are going to catch a really bad case of envy. Symptoms are: dressing like you're in 2002, writing school essays in Carrie Bradshaw’s voice and searching for flights to NYC in your spare time. Season Four Season Two Best: 1x11 — "The Drought"Worst: 1x03 — "Bay of Married Pigs" Best: 2x18 — "Ex and the City"Worst: 2x07 — "The Chicken Dance" Best: 3x05 — "No Ifs, Ands or Butts"Worst: 3x16 — "Frenemies" Best: 4x10 — "Belles of the Balls"Worst: 4x17 — "A 'Vogue' Idea" Best: 5x07 — "The Big Journey"Worst: 5x02 — "Unoriginal Sin" Best: 6x07 — "The Post-It Always Sticks Twice"Worst: 6x19 — "An American Girl in Paris: Part Une" The Coffee Shop – this is the girls' favorite breakfast location. Season 6, Episode 8August 10, 2003Charlotte poses for an important picture; Miranda blanches at the idea of meeting Steve's girlfriend; Samantha takes a realistic approach to being single. Season 6, Episode 7August 3, 2003Carrie tries to get rid of the unpleasant taste left by her fling with Berger; Miranda finds hanging on to old clothes wasn't a “waist” of time. However, that proves to be more challenging than Charlotte had originally planned.Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) is Carrie’s best friend and has a more cynical view of relationships than the other three girls.

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