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In spite of fear associated with affectionate touching and being touched in intimacy contacts, SA victims’ struggle to make sense of what has happened serves distracting ends to allow them to minimize the anxiety they would experience were they to become fully aware of the meaning of the sexual terrorism they had endured.

They also set out to “prove” that the event had no untoward effects on their lives, as they engage in denial, avoidance, and numbing.

Here, the word “transgression” has to do with an infringement or violation of one’s most precious and guarded possession held up to self and world as something of awe or reverence, irreducible and irrefutable in the uniqueness of its cohesive structure and functions.

People often speak of “spirit” as being a part of the total self, as in the well-known components affirming expression, “mind, body, and spirit.” Perhaps the truth is that spirit is not “part” at all, but pervades the whole of the self.

These trauma effects pervasively influences the way victims (a) process feelings, (b) think about their distress, (c) find a personally purposive theory of healing, (d) shape the quality of communicative interpersonal transactions, and the way they (e) experience personal identity.

This article sets out to highlight the impact, and increase recognition, deepen understanding of sexual trauma, and provide a guide for helping victims.

This excessive suppression of strong affect contribute to the expression of dissociative vulnerabilities.

Saying that one’s spirit is a “part” is like believing that some of the ocean is not wet.” What is transgressed in CSA and SA is not solely the victim’s body and mind, which are experienced as narcissistic wounds, but rather the spirit that holds the fabric of the self together, When sexual abuse or assault victims explain why their responses are so persistently distressing and disruptive to most spheres of their daily lives, they typically respond by saying, “ I was violated!Fewer perpetrators are relatives of the children they abuse (30%).7 The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) estimated that 500,000 persons were sexually assaulted in the United States during the period between 19.Of this figure, 28% were attempted rapes, while over 33% were completed sexually traumatizing assaults.As a consequence of trauma, victims become hypersensitized to “sexual signals” from the opposite sex.They may perceive more “evidence” of sexual interest than non-traumatized women, as they scan the environment with high levels of hypervigilant anxiety.

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