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Marriage index of Western Australia, 1915 to 1933 [electronic resource] : searchable index of approximately 51,400 marriage registrations for Western Australia.[Bayswater, W.

This helps when someone is terminally ill or has recently passed away, and the funeral details are yet to be organised.

Information provided can include the name of the child being baptised, names of parents, address, fathers occupation, dates of birth and baptism, denomination, place of baptism, parish or circuit, name of minister and remarks (usually place of birth). It is a chronological listing providing name of child, date of birth, date of baptism, parents' names, occupation of father and place of residence. Index to birth notices in the 'West Australian' [microform].[Bayswater, W. : Western Australian Genealogical Society, c2001.[929.3941 BIR] Birth notices from [the] Western Mail, 1931-1940 [microform]. The information given is limited as newspaper notices usually do not provide detailed information.

Records of baptisms administered in the church at the Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School near Pinjarra as part of the parish of Pinjarra [microform].[Perth, W. Birth & baptism records collected from the Catholic Church at Pinjarra [microform].[Perth, W. A.] : Western Australian Genealogical Society.[929.39 IND] Birth notices from [the] Western Mail, 1921-1930 [microform]. They may be added to by the Western Australian Genealogical Society.

The registers cover Albany (A) 1847-1856, Cue (A) 1895-1913, Fremantle (St John's - A) 1855-1867, Geraldton (RC) 1857-1876, Greenough (A) 1865-1920, Gingin (A) 1860-1889, Kelmscott (A) 1895-1931, Nannine and district (A) 1902-1912, Northampton (A) 1911-1922, Perth (RC), 1844-1866, Roebourne (A) 1878-1898, Swan (A) 1874-1899 and Toodyay (RC) 1886-1914.

Entry is alphabetical by surname within each register.

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