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Guys, we really should be lucky we have the opportunity to help fund a film like Justine. ------------------------------------ Kathyrne: It doesn't get said nearly enough, but I really enjoy the artworks you contribute to this board.I mean, compare what they're offering to just about any other mainstream movie being produced nowadays. I love your buxom victims and the ingenious deathtraps you come up with. Well they aren't exactly bugs, but this is the closest I can find among my pending MAM covers.Cebula pomaga obniżyć ciśnienie, poziom cholesterolu i cukru we krwi.Według amerykańskich badaczy jedzenie codziennie jednej surowej cebuli minimum przez dwa miesiące powoduje wzrost "dobrego" cholesterolu - HLD, a obniżenie "złego" - LDL.A few movies that are mandatory watching for those with similar tastes (a bit unexpected but god-awful Lifetime movies usually get this right): False Arrest: [com] Without a Kiss Goodbye: [com] Woman on Trial: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story: [com] Of course by many standards these movies are tame and lame, but they set the stage properly and elevate the pathos of upper middle class women finding themselves in chains!The reason why I was reminded of the topic today was a story of a woman accused of some fraud, somewhere in South Africa I believe. There are a few more great shots of her floating around the net as well. Got some Italo nasties and some run of the mill light bondage scenes. I'll leave that to Covers, the most respected elder of the gang.

Wyciąg z cebuli może posłużyć także jako odżywka do pielęgnacji włosów.Przeciwdziała zwężeniu naczyń krwionośnych, przez co zapobiega sklerozie.Substancje biochemiczne zawarte w roślinie mają działanie przeciwrakowe i lecznicze w obrębie układu sercowo-naczyniowego, przeciwdziałają tworzeniu się zakrzepów.Is it overdoing it when you continually dunk her head under water over and over until they offer sexual pleasures if you stop?Is it overdoing it when you whip her repeatedly until she gives you the information?? lol The one you speak of was a custom, and he felt they were just right :) Thank you again for the welcome. Today I want to talk about a topic very dear to my heart.

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